URGO Summer Research Conference — Mon. July 23

submitted by tetzlafa@augsburg.edu

Student researchers present their projects.

STEM – HC 106
SSHA – HC 151

12:30: STEM Fields
Emily Chapman
Urea-Catalyzed Biginelli Reactions via Microwave Irradiation
Seahk Menheer
The Effect of Ammonia on Particle Formation
Isaiah Ripley
Dental Polymers: Optimization and Exploration of Polymer Protocols

12:30: Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
Olivia House
Where Are All the Black Designers? We’ve Been Here.
Janet Nguyen
Muslim Community Perception of Countering Violent Extremism
Alexa Anderson
Silent Spanking: Analysis of Communication in School Corporal

1:45 STEM Fields
Kylie Rischer
The Isolation and Preparation of Intact Active c-Src
Soyome Moya
The Isolation and Preparation of Intact Inactive c-Src
Thomas Le
The Development of Locus-Specific Database (LSDB) for the Bcr-Abl

1:45 Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Fields
Maura Gunter
Asserting Authority in a Tale of Victimhood: Analysis of Ghost Bike
Reporting in the Media
Estrella Chavez Ayala
Cast(e) Into Uncertainty: The Role of Stigmas in DACA Recipients’ Self-
Saira Cervantes Montes
Neither Here nor There: DREAMers’ Self-Identity and How Citizenship is

3:00: STEM Fields
Brandon Perez and Andy Hotchkiss
Curve Fitting of Periodically Repeating Functions
Kouseng Yang and Jessica Hing
Neural Correlates of Cognitive Control Across Cortical Circuits in an
Animal Model of Schizophrenia

3:00: Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Fields
Matthew Berning
Centennial of the Armistice: Monuments and Memorials to World War I
on the Minnesota Homefront
Erin Thompson
Unconventional Warfare in Korea, 1951-1953
Chad Berryman
Talking the Walk: Zapatista Voices on Authority