URGO Summer Research Conference – Wed. July 25

submitted by tetzlafa@augsburg.edu

Student Researchers present their projects; free and open to public.

12:30: STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 106
Cohl Dorsey and Jackson Nelson
Artificial Civ: Deep Learning Strategies for Multiplayer Turn-Based
Mohamed Omar
Interpolating Historical Photos with Neural Networks

12:30: STEM Fields– Hagfors Center 151
Aaron Khaimraj
Antioxidant Effects on Daphnia Magna Exposed to Manganese
Eric Perez
Daphnia Magna: Hedgehog Gene Expression throughout Embryonic
Shannon Dale
The Effect of Light Intensity on Daphnia Eye Size

1:45: STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 106
Kayla Cross
Effects of Diet on Sea Urchin Larval Development
Todd Fairbanks, Laura Kundel, and Eric Eldred
The Impact of Aging on Redox Balance in Skeletal Muscles

1:45 STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 151
Brittany Stokes
Artemia Hedgehog Gene Expression: When and Where
Laura Fricke
Artemia Franciscana Hedgehod Gene Expression Throughout
Jamila Mohammed
RNA Interference of the Artemia franciscana Hedgehog Gene