Commencement 2019 – one ceremony, new venue, new time

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The following email was sent Wednesday from the Provost.

Faculty, staff, and students:

I write to share some exciting changes in the structure, venue, and date of Augsburg’s 2019 Commencement. In 2019, there will be just one ceremony, inclusive of all undergraduate and graduate program graduates. It will be held on Friday, May 10, at 6 p.m., in U.S. Bank Stadium.

This change pushes Augsburg’s commencement out by one week, as the Spring Term concludes on May 3 and commencement ceremonies have historically been held that weekend. We do not know, at present, whether we will hold future commencements on this schedule. In the upcoming year, it was the best available option.

In making this change, we respond to consistent concerns raised by graduating students regarding the limited number of tickets available for their family and friends—concerns we have thus far been unable to resolve, even with two separate ceremonies. This past spring, members of the Day Student Government asked that we move Augsburg’s commencement ceremonies off-campus in order to address this persistent issue. That request initiated a review of options that led to this decision.

The change will enable all graduates, their families, their friends, and members of the Augsburg community to celebrate together. U.S. Bank Stadium has been used as a commencement venue by other local institutions, reportedly with great success. And even though we will use only part of the stadium, the dramatic increase in the total available seats will ensure our ability to meet the needs of our graduating students.

It is true that the change will require that we rethink some established practices and traditions. There will be many details to work out in the months ahead. Soon, the Commencement Committee will begin meeting with people, departments, and offices we know will be impacted by the change. We also invite your questions and concerns, which can be forwarded to the Committee using the online Commencement Date Change Submission Form.

For now, please note the change on your calendars and know that additional information will be forthcoming.

We will use the site to post FAQs and other information as it becomes available.

Warm regards,

Karen Kaivola
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Commencement Date Change Submission Form