An audio roster has arrived in Moodle

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What is an audio roster? An audio roster is a class roster where students and faculty can record themselves saying their name. That way everyone knows how to say each others’ name. It’s important that you record your name even if you think it’s an “easy” name — easy to you may not be easy to someone else.

Faculty can add a “Name Coach Audio Roster” as an activity in their moodle course. See for the steps.

You can record your name on an audio roster in a course in addition to listening to names. You just record your name once and it shows up in any course using the audio roster. You can re-record it whenever you want.

In the coming months we’ll have the name recordings showing up in Records and Registration and elsewhere. Wider communication will happen in the summer when the audio recording is in more places. But for now any faculty who want to start using it are able to do so.

Adding an audio roster to a course