PlantBot Workshop

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Come learn how to hack into recycled animatronics, play with plants, and invade the campus with PlantBots.

Workshops will be held Thursday, March 28th:
1:30 – 3:30 in CC Augsburg Room

The workshop has a maximum of 20 students spots, registration is encourage. To register, please email Jenny Moeller at

Responding to the lack of transparency and aggressive practices in food production as well as the real costs of modern farming practices PlantBot uses friendly, whimsical robot-plant hybrids and interactive public events that support ecological literacy.

PlantBots get people to think about their food, where it comes from and where it may be going when we take our remote control robotic plants to the streets. The goal is to get people to question the food they eat and how it reaches their plate in an entertaining and artistic way. To further engage the public, communities participate in PlantBot Building Workshops that cumulate in an intervention or PlantBot Invasion. Such events teach participants to hack recycled animatronics and turn them into a PlantBot that could be possibly correspond to the environment specific to the site. Once the PlantBot and its unique story is contextualized, participants don a lab coat and take their sculptures to the streets or community location. The newly created PlantBots are released to create a humorous and interactive PlantBot Invasion that each community member becomes part of to encourage further discussion.

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