3 Days in May Workshops (May 14 – May 16)

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Be sure to check out the schedule and descriptions for the “3 Days in May” workshops. One of the many offerings will be the “Creating an Inclusive Campus (CIC) Conference”: “Managing the Moments”.

Arguably the best learning takes place when all students feel able to bring their full selves forward and engage in an environment that considers the historical context and current cultural climate; with the humility and promise to learn with others. This workshop will engage us in recognizing and responding to dynamic moments born out of human differences while honoring our commitments to intentional diversity. Participants will have the opportunity to examine and respond to scenarios in small groups.

Check here for more information about all of the opportunities available from Tuesday, May 14 – Thursday, May 16 http://inside.augsburg.edu/ctl/2019/04/03/3-days-in-may/. Use the form below to sign up for the sessions you plan to attend.

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