New Campus Box End of Year Procedure

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Two weeks after the spring semester ends (May 17th) we will be closing all student campus boxes. Before fall semester starts we will be reassigning them to all students living on campus, and commuter students can then request to have a campus box if they have a need of one.

If you would like your mail forwarded or would like to keep your mailbox open for the summer please either fill out this survey ( or fill out the slip that will be arriving in your campus box very soon. (There is also an option to be reassigned your current box for the next semester)

We only forward 1st Class USPS mail. Packages (USPS, FedEx, UPS, Amazon), magazines, non-profit mail and standard mail will not be forwarded. We can only forward to US addresses.

We ask that you contact the people/business sending you mail and correcting it to your permanent address. Also enrolling in online/electronic billing is both environmentally friendly and will save you time (and sometimes money).

If you have a rented lock on your campus box please return it to Shipping/Receiving before May 17th. If it is a personal lock please remove it or they will be cut off after May 18th.