Summer House Painter Needed

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Help Needed
MH Anderson Painting
 Small family business operating since the 1960’s
 We mainly work on small and medium houses, with some bigger projects on occasion
 Most work is exterior projects between the months of May through October
 We pride ourselves on high quality work
 Most work are on older houses in Minneapolis and St. Paul
 Hiring one painter, $15-$18 per hour; hiring one lead, $18-$23 per hour
 Some experience desired, but will train
 30-40 hours a week
 Most work done Monday through Friday with occasional weekend work
 Will be flexible with your schedule
 High quality prep and painting work, taking time to do the work as trained
 Great customer service and attention
 Follow directions of supervisor, be one time, clean up at the end of the day
If interested please email or call me to discuss expectations and potential schedule.

Mike Anderson
Owner, MH Anderson Painting