Farewell to Naomi Farabee, Assistant Director of McNair Scholars Program

submitted by taveram@augsburg.edu

I am writing to share that Naomi Farabee, McNair Scholars Assistant Director, will be leaving Augsburg on June 7 as she has accepted a position as an Education Specialist, Curriculum & Assessment, Office of the Associate Deputy Director for Tribally Controlled Schools, Bureau of Indian Education. We are really excited for her in the new role of providing expert guidance on improving instruction by designing and modifying curriculum change and making recommendations for needed services.

The impact Naomi has made during her time at Augsburg has been significant as part of her responsibilities included being co-instructor of the McN301: Research in the Disciplines course. She has contributed to improving McNair curriculum and programming.

There will be no send-off for Naomi but please feel free to stop by the McNair office at Hagfors Center 101 or contact her before she leaves to wish her well on her new endeavor. Farabeen@augsburg.edu.

TRIO-McNair Scholars Program