URGO Summer Research Phase 1 Due February 5

submitted by kipperj@augsburg.edu

URGO Summer Research Phase 1 applications must be signed by faculty mentor and submitted in hard copy to the URGO office (Hagfors 101) by 5:00 pm or sent electronically from faculty mentor’s email address by 11:59pm on February 5. The Phase 1 application is non-evaluative but required. Phase 2 is due February 19.
The URGO Summer Research Program is an on-campus program where undergraduate students are funded to conduct research or creative activities under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
• 200 or 400 hours
• Program runs May 14-July 29, 2020
• Full-time = $4,400 plus housing stipend
• Half-time = $2,200 plus housing stipend
• Design project with a faculty mentor
• Seminars and Speaker Series for support and professional development
• Final written product and oral presentation

There is also the option to be a Research Assistant at 100 hours for the summer (stipend of $1,100), in which undergraduates assist faculty with research tasks.