Important: Door Paddles; Don’t need it, don’t touch it.

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Greetings Augsburg Community,

Augsburg Day Student Government has received multiple complaints regarding the electric door paddles. Students with accessibility needs find themselves unable to use them for reasons such as: them being broken, dead batteries, or jammed because of overuse. We have realized that there are students and faculty that use these accessibility paddles simply for convenience, and without a real need. This is a compliance failure to our campus’ accessibility.

We are aware that some community members may not have a visible physical disability, so there is no need to confront anyone, but to kindly remind ourselves and others about the importance of this issue.

Augsburg must have all door paddles functioning to remain ADA compliant, so please help us to achieve this goal. We are working for a more inclusive campus where everyone does their part. If you have any questions or concerns, please email


Augsburg Day Student Government,
Student Concerns Committee