Zen, Buddhism, Meditation, and Mindfulness with Interfaith Fellow Busshō Lahn

submitted by nondie@augsburg.edu

Bussho, an interfaith fellow in his second year with Augsburg, will be offering himself as a resource on Zen, Buddhism, meditation, and mindfulness to classes & students. Bussho can be an excellent reference point for classes and/or student groups engaging in these topics.

For a personalized message to the Augsburg community, see the link below. You can also visit https://www.augsburg.edu/ccv/2019/09/09/2019-20-augsburg-interfaith-fellows for more information about Augsburg’s interfaith fellows.

If you’re interested in having Bussho visit your class, please contact him at bussholahn@gmail.com, or feel free to email fieldl@augsburg.edu with questions.

Video Message