Brownbag discussion of The Anthropocene River Journey

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The 2019 River Journey took over 50 people on the Mississippi last fall, and connected to around 500 scholars, artists, and local practitioners involved with the elaborate Mississippi. An Anthropocene River Project orchestrated by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.  It was a rich, multifaceted experience, with multiple field-based research and arts projects, and provided us with some interesting stories (e.g. getting sprayed by a crop duster, witnessing a slave rebellion re-enactment, and spending a little time in the back of a police car).  It also provided insights into new possibilities for higher education in the 21st century and suggested ways to develop what might be called an “Anthropocene Curriculum.”  Feel free to bring your lunch and stop by OGC 100 at noon on Wed., Mar. 4th to hear more about the Anthropocene River Journey and join in discussion of new curricular possibilities for the times we’re living through and what kinds of local and on-campus programs can provide similarly engaging, healing, and high-impact learning opportunities for our students.

Anthropocene Curriculum Website