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Plan Ahead for Study Abroad on Spring Break and Summer 2021

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Check out the short-term study abroad programs coming up for Spring Break 2021 and Summer 2021. Now is a great time to plan ahead! ALL programs fulfill your AUGSBURG EXPERIENCE requirement, as well as other classes:

Roots to Rap: Islam in America – spring break
HIS 195 (Humanities)

Faith, Vocation, and Social Change – spring break
RLN 409 (Search for Meaning II) or RLN 480 (Keystone for some majors)

Spanish Language & Mexican Cultures – summer, multiple SPA course available(Modern Language)

Medical Spanish & Clinical Observership – summer, SPA 218 and SPA399


Community, Arts, and Culture in Cuba – Summer

THR 295 (Fine Arts)

Science and Religion in Germany – Summer
REL 205 (Search for Meaning II) and/or CHM 102 (Lab Science) or SCI 490 (Keystone for Science majors)

Sustainability and Food Justice in Italy & the US – Summer
HIS 170 (Humanities) or HIS 440 (elective)

Music Therapy in China – Summer
MUS 374 or 474: Music Therapy Practicum (1 credit)
MUS 511: Music Therapy Practicum (0 credits), or
MUS 582: Transcultural Music Therapy (4 credits), or
MUS 511 and MUS 582 (total 4 credits)

Get more information about these short term programs

A Roadmap for Creating Impact and Value with ERGs

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When: July 16, 2020 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CST
Level: Intermediate
Track: D&I Strategy
Presenters: Farzana Nayani, Farzana Nayani, Consulting and Training | Lisa Strack, Bank of the West
Cost: Free

Are you looking for direction as to how to guide your resource group’s programming, focus, and involvement during these current times? This session will focus on how to chart the course forward for your resource groups, starting with a self-assessment, understanding key areas for resource groups within companies, and how to demonstrate impact and value for your entire organization.
We will share best practices using various industry examples related to planning for action and accountability, during these current times.

Tech Tune-ups and Tips TOMORROW at 10 a.m.: Student Video Responses (Poodll) and Interactive Video (H5P)

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The Moodle toolbar includes options for fully integrated, brief (2 min) video recordings. The first 15 minutes will address how this feature provides exciting new options for student responses. The rest of the hour will focus on how to create engaging, annotated videos that are integrated with the Moodle gradebook.

Tech Tune-ups & Tips every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am. Come Zoom with the E-learning Team as they offer two 60-minute sessions each week on how to maximize your use of Moodle and learning technologies as you get ready for classes this Fall. Each session will open with 15-minutes of “pertinent tips & best practices” about important Moodle features/resources. The final 45 minutes will provide training on a specific learning experience or tool.

Schedule and ZOOM information, as well as recordings of past sessions, available in the link below (this can only be viewed with an Augsburg email address).

Tech Tune-ups & Tips

General Announcements

Explore Majors and Careers with FOCUS2CAREER

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If you have never thought about planning your career or exploring what you can do with your major FOCUS2CAREER is a good place to start.

FOCUS2CAREER guides you through a reliable, intuitive career & education decision making model to help you choose majors offered at Augsburg, explore occupations & make informed career decisions. You also have access to five reliable and valid research based self-assessments. Your assessment results are matched to occupations and supporting majors at Augsburg.

Please schedule a Major & Career Exploration appointment with a career coach in Handshake after registering for your FOCUS2CAREER account. We are looking forward to showing you how you can use FOCUS2CAREER to find meaningful work based on your talents, interests, and skills.

Access FOCUS2CAREER and create an account on our Strommen Community Moodle Site.

Changing Password Remotely – Tips to Prevent Computer Lockout

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Faculty and staff using Augsburg owned computers remotely may encounter login issues after updating Augnet passwords remotely because the new password will not be synced with the computer until it returns to the campus network.

You should always change your password from the “Change Password” link on Inside Augsburg. Once you return to campus and log into the computer while connected to the Augsburg WiFi or LAN network, the computer password will update.

However, if your computer does not sync the password before its original expiration date, the computer itself may still prompt you to change your password. We do NOT recommend changing the password if you see this prompt – this password will not sync with Augnet and may result in you being locked out.

To prevent login issues, faculty and staff should consider updating their password on campus before their current password expires.

For more information on updating your password visit

App for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

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Explore the FREE SAVELLO APP by following the steps below:

Mobile Download Steps:

Find and download Sanvello in your app store (iTunes for Apple, Google Play for Android)
Select “Get Started” and follow steps to create a new account.

Once Sign Up is complete, find your “Welcome to Sanvello” email and validate by clicking get started at the bottom of the email


Nancy Guilbeault, Director CWC

Plan Ahead for Study Abroad/Away: Virtual Appointments Open Now

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Study Abroad & Away is operating remotely this summer and we have appointments available via Zoom! Our staff and peer advisors are here to support you – and summer is a great time to plan ahead for your study abroad/away adventure!

Choose from semester and short-term programs in the US and internationally in Spring 2021 and beyond. Short-term courses for spring break and summer 2021 will be traveling to Guatemala, New York City, Cuba, Germany, and Italy.

Our advisors are here to help every Auggie – whether you’re just getting started with Study Abroad & Away, or you already have a program chosen. Schedule an appointment here:

You can also send us an email:, or stop by our website, below.

Learn more about Study Abroad and Away

2021 Forum on Workplace Inclusion Call For Proposals Now Open

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The Forum on Workplace Inclusion®️ is excited to announce the opening of the Call for Proposals for our 33rd Annual Forum on Workplace Inclusion Conference — Workplace Revolution: From Talk to Action.

At this moment in time, we as a global human society are experiencing extreme disruptive change. The Covid 19 pandemic has influenced our ways of being, connecting, planning, and visioning. But as we, The Forum, look to the future with a host of unknown variables, one thing is true. Our highest priority is to continue to foster connections that provide DEI learning opportunities and resources to push bold thinking toward equitable solutions for lasting impact.

We invite you to submit a proposal to be a part of the upcoming program year during this critical time in history.

The submission deadline is Monday, July 27, 2020.

Event Announcements

Global Citizenship: Whole World Sensibilities and Responsibilities in the Time of COVID-19

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When: July 30, 2020 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Cost: $30 Suggested Donation
Level: Intermediate
Track: Global Diversity
Presenters: Khadija Ali, Global Language Connections | Shawntera M. Hardy, PolicyGrounds Consulting | Mark Ritchie, Global Minnesota

Global citizenship and interconnectivity allows us to experience and impact the world in more expansive ways than ever before. However, with this new international reach, comes responsibility for simultaneously caring for both our local communities and for others on the planet impacted by our actions or decisions. Given these new realities, how do we ensure our practices and solutions meet increasingly complex challenges at the local and planetary levels?

Learning Outcomes
Communications policies and practices that satisfy individual interests while keeping in mind the needs of current and future generations – here and everywhere
Team member training approaches to developing simultaneously local and global thinking/action
Feedback mechanism to involve the broader community in this “balancing” process

Keeping Track of Auggies

Green’s Poetry During Pandemic

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English professor and poet D. E. (Doug) Green has just published several poems in different venues. Three of his poems, including “Quarantine Diary: The Six-foot Marriage,” appear in the Summer 2020 issue of Willows Wept Review along with works by four other Northfield poets <>. The digital version is free and there’s a link to all five Northfield poets, Doug’s spouse Becky Boling among them, reading their poems from the issue.

If you have a minute, you can hear MPR’s Cathy Wurzer’s reading Doug’s poem “For Sean” as the second segment in the Pandemic Poetry series from the End in Mind project <>. The poem honors poet and caregiver Sean Thomas Dougherty of Eerie, Pennsylvania, who visited Augsburg English classes a few years ago.

Finally, you can now see Doug’s latest Sidewalk Poetry Contest-winning poem on the east side of Northfield’s Central Park. Here, to cool you off, is that poem along with Doug’s Spanish translation for the bilingual public reading last summer:

Here there are no purple
jacaranda or fresh hibiscus
for tea and salad. The public
square is not sun-warmed.
We are dazzled not
by our bright star above
but by our snow-blanched
luminous Earth.

Aquí no hay ni jacaranda
morada ni jamaica fresca
para el té y la ensalada. El sol
no calienta la plaza central.
No nos encandila
nuestra brillante estrella
sino la tierra luminosa
blanqueada de nieve.

©D. E. Green, 2020


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