Healing After Sexual Trauma – A Conversation With SMART

submitted by thomps26@augsburg.edu

Content Warning: This event will discuss topics regarding sexual misconduct and assault.

Join SMART for a discussion about Healing After Sexual Trauma. We will have several speakers discuss the reporting process here at Augsburg, hear a personal story about someones own experience with sexual misconduct and how they heal/coped with the stress of it, and then open it up for anyone to speak or talk about their own personal experience if they feel comfortable to do so. We will also provide a list of resources to use at the end of the discussion for students to use.

Please come with an open, empathetic, and pensive mindset. You are not here to question a person’s experience, rather it is a space to talk about and uplift survivors of sexual misconduct NOT to invalidate there experience. So please come prepared for difficult yet important discussions we will be having, and you can leave at anytime no judgment or questions asked.

To register for this event follow this link: https://augsburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0uduGtrD4vEtU72YFyUfMv2SJWafA2jOec

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