Augsburg Health Commons Needs Your Help

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Hello Auggies!

Augsburg Central Health Commons is taking donations to give to folks who visit us who may be experiencing homelessness or unstable housing. The Commons is always grateful for any donations, but the pandemic has made the need for donations greater than ever before.

If you have the following items that you are willing to donate contact Katie Clark: and/or Rachel Rose: for pick up or drop off information!

Desperately needed items:

If you are looking for another way to help, get together with a group of your friends/family/neighbors to make hygiene kits. Reach out to us, Katie Clark: and/or Rachel Rose: for more information or if you have hygiene kits to donate!

What should you put in a hygiene kit? (Place inside of a gallon ziplock and make sure everything is new or unopened)
Here are some ideas:

-Travel size soap
-Travel size shampoo
-Travel size conditioner
-Travel size lotion
-Floss (optional)
-Razor (double or triple-blade – no single)
-Socks (medium or large, NEW)
-Kleenex or hand wipes

Thank you!
– Augsburg Central Health Commons staff, volunteers, and your community <3 (see the link to Commons website for more information about how we help our community and ways you can help too!) Augsburg Central Health Commons Website