ICE Rescinds Decision on International Students

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Yesterday, ICE decided to rescind the rules put forward on July 6, 2020, and will abandoned the restrictions on international students holding F-1 visas. This is great news for our international community, not only on campus but for students attending universities all over the United States.

President Paul Pribbenow had signed an amicus brief with the President’s Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration supporting a lawsuit challenging the restrictions, and one of our international students, Jonas Bergmann Poulsen, was interviewed by MSNBC last week (follow link below) on the impact the guidelines would have on him personally and on the international community at large.

The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) team continues to work with our international students to create successful plans for the fall semester. The blend of course formats Augsburg plans to offer, will advance students toward degrees completions—for those currently in the country AND for those who struggle to return to campus due to border restrictions.

We thank the Augsburg community for all for the support given in the last 9 days!

ICE Rescinds Guidelines – Wall Street Journal