Sad News about Regent Emeritus

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Curtis “Curt” Sampson passed away Thursday, July 16, 2020. Curt and his family have a long history with Augsburg. Curt was proud to share that he started meeting with Augsburg’s presidents when he was a toddler. For decades, his father and then Curt advised Augsburg leaders on how to best serve the community. Curt’s father (Selmer) and uncle (Alvin) graduated from Augsburg, and three of his brothers attended Augsburg. Curt served on Augsburg’s Board of Regents from 1989-2001 and again from 2012-2016.

Curt was a good friend of the university, sharing much of his time with us at events on campus, at dinners at Augsburg House, and many other special moments. He also proudly hosted some of Augsburg’s most well-attended alumni events at Canterbury Park.

Curt was also passionate about education, as was evident in his philanthropy and years of leadership on the Augsburg Board of Regents. He regularly gave scholarships to local high school students so they could attend college.

A full obituary and service information will be published at the link shared below.

Please join me in keeping Curt’s family in our thoughts and prayers.

Paul C. Pribbenow, Ph.D.
Augsburg University

Curt Sampson obituary and service information