A Prayer of Appreciation for the Life and Work for Congressman John Lewis

submitted by dames@augsburg.edu

We on the Campus Ministry team, offer a prayer of appreciation for the life and social justice work of Congressman John Lewis:

As a student at Fisk University John Lewis was dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, and he devoted his life to racial justice and equity working decades as an organizer and activist. Before serving 17 terms as U.S. House Representative for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District, he spent his life in service to others.

Lewis was arrested more than 40 times protesting segregation. He was involved in lunch counter sit-ins; freedom rides on interstate buses, he was the youngest speaker and one of six planners for the 1963 March on Washington.

Congressman Lewis was a beautiful brown genuinely gentle giant in nature who was a fierce advocate for the culture. Some of his most famous words are just as relevant if not more so today than when he spoke them nearly 55 years ago. “We’re tired of being beaten by policemen. We’re tired of seeing our people locked up in jail over and over again,” the 23-year-old Lewis said in a speech at the Lincoln Memorial. “We want our freedom and we want it now! – CNN

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