Dr. David Crowe Awarded Funding to Continue Mental Health Research

submitted by mayper@augsburg.edu

Dr. David Crowe, Associate Professor of Biology, has received a new subaward from the University of Minnesota, allowing him to continue his research about cortical system dysfunction in psychiatric disease. Dr. Crowe will be responsible for the processing and analysis of data associated with the NeuroPlasticity Research in Support of Mental Health (NeuroPRSMH) center at the University of Minnesota Medical School. NeuroPRSMH received a Silvio O. Conte Center grant valued at $15M from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), which will fund Dr. Crowe’s work, totaling $95,000, until spring 2025. The title of the impactful new research study is “Dysfunctional State Representations in Psychosis: From Neurophysiology to Neuroplasticity-based Treatment.”

More about the overall project can be found here: https://med.umn.edu/news-events/u-researchers-receive-15m-nimh-grant-study-psychosis (This is supported by the National Institutes of Health under award number P50MH119569.)

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