Focus on Feedback: July 28 – 30

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Next Tuesday – Thursday, Tech Tuneups & Tips and Practical Pedagogy will be devoted to Feedback. These are all offered at 10 am, and you can find more information and links via the CTL page below.

Tech Tuneups & Tips, Tuesday, July 28: Feedback Part 1: Monitoring Student Progress: If you are used to seeing your students regularly in the f2f classroom, the transition to an online modality can be unsettling. This session focuses on ways the data available to you in Moodle can help ensure that you keep track of your students’ progress. The first 15 minutes will focus on Activity Completion, a user-friendly report that can give you an “at-a-glance” view of students’ engagement. The rest of the hour will focus on other Moodle activities and tools (logs, the attendance activity, the gradebook) that will provide you with feedback on how your students’ are navigating the semester.

Practical Pedagogy, Wednesday, July 29: ‘Wise Feedback’ in the Remote Teaching Environment: In this session we’ll talk about the “Wise feedback” strategy of responding to student work in a way that makes it more likely students — especially at-risk students — will engage with your feedback and be motivated to and confident that they can meet high expectations.

Tech Tuneups & Tips, Thursday, July 30: Feedback Part 2: Keeping Students Apprised of their Progress: Timely feedback is essential in motivating students to continue to engage in an online class. Previous sessions have introduced asynchronous active learning technologies that can provide immediate feedback (e.g., the Moodle lesson, H5P Interactive video, VoiceThread LTI, Moodle quizzes). This session will give you a “student’s perspective” on Moodle grading as well as important strategies for ensuring students’ have an accurate sense of their grades throughout the semester.

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