The Importance of Self-Care

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Due to COVID-19 we know many of you have lost your summer opportunity whether that was a job, internship, research, or volunteer experience. We know this loss is difficult and complicated because it may have put you in financial hardship, interrupted progress towards your academic goals, disrupted your career advancement, and just left you with nothing to do this summer. That is a lot.

We encourage you to take some time to focus on self-care. Loss of a job or internship is stressful because of the loss of income and also because of the loss of sense of purpose and progress towards career and academic goals.

The Strommen Career and Internship Center is here to support you no matter the reason you lost a summer opportunity and we encourage you to make an appointment with us on Handshake and check out the COVID-19 job search resources available on our Community Moodle site.

In addition, the Center for Wellness and Counseling’s website has fantastic self-care resources. They even recently added a Self-Care for Activists section. *Please note: These resources are intended to be helpful resources for your healing and self-care. The links are for information only and are not endorsed or recommended by Augsburg CWC or the Strommen Center.*

Self-Care for Activists