Free Course: Black Lives Matter

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COURSE PURPOSE: Black Minds Matter is a public series that is designed to raise the national consciousness about issues facing Black students in education. The series intentionally addresses the pervasive undervaluing and criminalization of Black minds. Tangible solutions for promoting the learning, development, and success of Black students are offered.

-Identify how assumptions of criminality about Black students are manifested in school, college, and university settings.
-Recognize how socially constructed viewpoints of Black intelligence decenter them as learners in educational institutions.
-Embrace asset-based views of Black students rooted in the concepts of equity-mindedness and institutional responsibility.
-Articulate research-based policies and practices that serve to promote the learning, development, and success of Black students throughout the educational pipeline.

There are two dispositional prerequisites for this course. Learners must have a willingness to:
1. Acknowledge their own unconscious and conscious biases and the effect this has on the educational experiences of Black students.
2. Engage their personal responsibility for redressing disparate educational outcomes for Black students in education.

Each module requires a 5 hours commitment (including video session and readings).

CORA (Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement) is offering Black Minds Matter for all educators.

Find this and other events on the Justice for George Floyd Initiatives page:

Black Minds Matter