Register for a Global Course this Summer

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Looking for a way to keep up on some extra credits this summer? Want to hear from people all over the world to deepen your knowledge of international perspectives? If yes, we encourage you to register for an online course taught by CGEE staff for summer time 2!

These courses are taught by Augsburg CGEE faculty from Mexico, Central America, and Southern Africa and will also bring in a variety of guest speakers and unique voices from around the globe using our community connections in those countries. Several courses also fulfill LAF graduation requirements!

Course Still Enrolling for Time 2 (June 28 – August 13):

*Apartheid, Mandela and Post-Apartheid Southern Africa (History 195/387), with instructor Albertina Shifotoka from Namibia

*Citizen Participation within a Globalized Economy (Political Science 310), with instructor Elisa Vanegas from Nicaragua

*In the Aftermath of War: History, Memory and Transitional Justice in Central America (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 355/History 355), with instructor Fernanda Soto Joya from Nicaragua

*Queer History in Latin America (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 281/481), with instructor Antonio Ortega from Mexico

*Spanish 111, 112, 225 taught by instructors from our partner language school in Mexico

You can register for any of these courses through Records & Registration.

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