Taking Back Pride 2021 (June 27, 2021)

submitted by rodriguc@augsburg.edu

(Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar):
We are taking back pride again!
Why we march.
Stonewall was an uprising against police brutality. Since the lynching and murder of George Floyd, Minneapolis has become ground zero in the fight against police murder, including an uprising that shook every major city in this country. Queer and trans community members continue to be targets of ongoing police violence, so the fight against police terror is our fight. This march is explicitly anti-cop and anti-corporate. We are Black-led, trans-led and Left-led.
In that spirit, the front of march and the post-march stage will be reserved for our most-impacted community members and organizations that support the demands of the movement. This also applies to the rest of the protest at every level. (See Facebook Event for more Information)

Taking Back Pride 2021 Facebook Event Page