Parking Restrictions Friday (October 7)

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Hello Everyone

On Friday (10/7), there is an All School Reunion taking place at Hagfors. With this event taking place, there will be some parking restrictions on 10/7. Please read through this very carefully:

1. By 3pm, all cars from 21st Ave & Lots D & A must be cleared
2. If any cars are in these spots by 3pm, they will be towed to Lot L at the owner’s expense. No exceptions
3. If you plan on attending the event, still park in Lot L. We are clearing the lots for those who are attending the event and not working with Augsburg as we are expecting quite a large turnout
4. There will continue to be A Mail postings and another email on Thursday with this information. We will also be posting ‘Warning Slips’ on cars in the lots. These Warnings aren’t actual violations and won’t be charged to your account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Have a good Homecoming week