Updated Lead Time for the Copy Center

submitted by longj@augsburg.edu

With the 2022-23 school year, Augsburg has decided to have Central Services switch to a three-person staff:

Billy Callen – Copy Center
Jeni Long – Mail Room/Site Lead
Cody Hua – Shipping/Receiving

With the change in staffing levels we need to change the print project lead time to 24-hours. Please be sure to call the Copy Center (612-330-1054) before submitting anything needed sooner. The smoothest process to having your print job completed in time is to submit it using the Augsburg Copy Request system, https://sites.augsburg.edu/centralservices/copy-center-costs/. It is not just about the time it takes to print the order. We are not always at the desk to see the order come into the email. We need to be able to be away from the desk to cut, laminate and fix printers among other things.

Printer support calls/paper request may now take up to 3 hours for Central Services to have someone free to come and look at it. We need to have one person covering Copy Center/Shipping/Receiving and cannot send all three of us out at the same time. Please call us when your put in your second to last ream of paper to avoid being completely out of paper. If you do not have a backup printer option please ask IT how to add the printer driver to your computer so if the main printer you use is waiting for service you have another option to send your documents to. The Copy Center is also an option at the link above.

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