CWC Weekend Wellness Retreat – Open to All Students

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The CWC Wellness Retreat is a weekend retreat (September 22-24) at Camp Friendship, in Annandale, MN. The retreat is designed for students who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of themselves through exploration, reflection, learning, and engaging with others and the natural world. The program features individual and group outdoor activities, including time to disconnect from distraction and the outside world, hiking, ropes courses, rock climbing, zipline, swimming, and canoeing. Students will leave the retreat with stronger connections to themselves, others and feeling more centered in their individual purpose and well-being. All identities are welcome and celebrated, and opportunities to connect with people different than yourself is an essential part of this retreat. The Retreat is FREE to Augsburg students( transportation to and from Camp Friendship, meals, and shared lodging) and all students are invited to apply.

Note: There will be one pre-trip meeting prior to departure.

Deadline: September 10th