Learn About Paid and Volunteer Debate Judging Opportunities with the MN Urban Debate League

submitted by froehlic@augsburg.edu

The Minnesota Urban Debate League is a program of Augsburg University. We provide academic competitive debate programming for middle and high school students in the Twin Cities Metro. We want to give you a big welcome to campus! We look forward to meeting students and sharing more information about our work at upcoming events.

We’re seeking debate judges throughout the year. Learn more about our programs below:

NATIONAL TOPIC POLICY DEBATE: In our Fall season, we look for experienced speech and debate competitors to serve as judges at weekend tournaments. This year’s topic involves solutions to economic inequality.

EAST AFRICAN DEBATE LEAGUE: In late fall through January, we hold the East African Debate League for middle and high school students. We will be seeking PAID judges from the East African community for this program.

MIDDLE SCHOOL DEBATE LEAGUE: From January-March, we hold weeknight tournaments for middle school debaters. No speech or debate experience is required to judge!

SPANISH DEBATE LEAGUE: Spanish Debate League for middle and high schoolers is held during Spring Semester. We’re seeking fluent Spanish speakers to serve as judges for our Spanish Debate League. This is a PAID opportunity for fluent Spanish speakers.

FINANCIAL LITERACY DEBATES: This specialized program is for judges with extensive knowledge and experience in finance.

Why debate? Because it helps students from all backgrounds develop powerful skills like critical thinking, argumentation, and public speaking. Our students develop academically, personally, and socially. You can contribute to their success as a judge!

Sign up here to express your interest: https://forms.gle/dd9ZPLMygU51Yvio6