Schield: Visiting Professor at New College of Florida

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Milo Schield, Professor Emeritus in Business Administration, has been hired as a Visiting Professor by New College of Florida in Sarasota. He was hired to teach his Statistical Literacy course to students in non-quantitative majors. This course emphasizes critical thinking about everyday statistics: how they are constructed and manipulated. While emphasizing that association is not always direct causation, his course notes that sexual and racial disparities are not always systemic discrimination. Both inferences require critical thinking to evaluate the strength of the evidence. His Statistical Literacy textbook was published by Kendall-Hunt this week and is being used by 170 students in five sections of Math1300 at the University of New Mexico this fall. All of this is a result of the major grant received by Augsburg College from the W. M. Keck Foundation “to develop Statistical Literacy as an interdisciplinary curriculum in the liberal arts.” Milo is a Fellow in the American Statistical Association , is on the Advisory Board for the International Statistical Literacy Project and is a past-President of the National Numeracy Network.