ELearning Update/Reminder – Syllabus/Gradebook Alignment

submitted by hadjiyanis@augsburg.edu

It is important that your syllabus is reflected in your gradebook so that students have a clear understanding of expectations and grading. The following are some suggestions for syllabus/gradebook alignment.

– Use the Augsburg University Syllabus Template as a model. You will find this template located in “Faculty Moodle Resources” under the “Faculty/Staff Help” tab. This template includes important university policies and an example of how your syllabus shows the percentage of points assigned to each graded item.

– The default gradebook setup is “Natural” (points-defined assessment with or without weights). Here is the recommended gradebook set up and how to add an activity like a Moodle Assignment, Forum, Quiz, or Attendance activity.

NOTE: this is a *condensed* version of the weekly update we email directly to all faculty.
For additional support, contact your LFC or IDT (Instructional Design Technologist). https://sites.augsburg.edu/it/get-help/faculty-and-staff-support-lfcs/

recommended gradebook set up