Monday, Noon – 1 pm: Dr. Joseph Erickson, Post-Sabbatical Presentation

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Post-Sabbatical Presentation: Towards Developing a Slovenian Nationalism Scale

Presenter: Dr. Joseph Erickson, Professor, Education Department
Location: Lindell 301

Description: Europe has faced increased migration in recent decades due to wars (Syria,
Ukraine), climate change, and other reasons, as well as terrorist
attacks (e.g. Paris 2015), which have had a profound impact on attitudes
towards migrants, especially those coming from Muslim countries.

Research has shown that different aspects of national identity are associated
with attitudes and behaviours towards migrants and refugees. This
project focused on developing a questionnaire that would measure
different aspects of national identity and attitudes towards migrants in
the Slovene language. A follow up investigation is planned that will
translate the instrument into English and attempt to replicate the study
with an American sample.

Education Department professor Joseph Erickson will report on this project and
also share insights regarding the Fulbright Scholar application process
and potential collaborations available in Slovenia for Augsburg
University faculty through our partnership arrangement with the
University of Ljubljana.

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