eLearning Update – Moodle Dates Report Can Save You Time

submitted by lindn@augsburg.edu

Dear Augsburg Faculty,

We hope you are all having a wonderful semester so far and are staying warm! For this week’s eLearning update, we are promoting the Moodle “Dates Report” which can help you save time when editing due dates for all of the activities in your Moodle courses, including your Spring courses, which are now available in Moodle.

Rather than opening each activity in your courses to check due dates, you may now view, and edit, all dates for one type of activity, such as the commonly used Assignment and Quiz activities, in one report. We recommend you edit the following type of dates each semester:

Allow Submissions From dates

Due dates

Cut Off dates

Open the Quiz dates

Close the Quiz dates

Here is a link to the Dates Report tutorial: https://go.augsburg.edu/datesreport

If you need any support with this or any other technology help, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Your eLearning team,

Susan, Shane, Jad, Nathan

For additional help, contact your LFC or Instructional Design Technologist.