Disabled Student Looking for Student PCA

submitted by dipaolaz@augsburg.edu

Hi, my name is zander I am a sophomore who is in a wheelchair and I am looking for 2 people who would help me with my needs from time to time I currently have two jobs open one where I would tell a person what day I need them to come and then they would give me a time on that day and that is the time they would come help me this job is the more unstable option as it is a backup job to my full-time PCA when they can’t come so I can’t commit to the amount that you would be working 20-minute time commitment per time that you are working. The second job is we would pick me each week and the person would come weekly this one is more stable as you will be doing a different job than my current PCA at any day or time they choose this one is a 40-minute time commitment if you are interested in hearing more about the job and more about what your responsibilities would be or if you want to interview for the job contact me at dipaolaz@augsburg.edu or (612)430-3233