Our Lady of Guadalupe Day – December 8

submitted by dames@augsburg.edu

We’re planning a chapel service at Augsburg to celebrate the Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe on December 8th at 10:40 AM. We need readers, musicians, and people to attend the event. We’ll be serving tamales after the chapel service. Please plan to join us and bring your friends!
We’re especially looking for folks willing to be involved in the service and we thought you might be interested in having a role, or might have some ideas of others in the Augsburg community who might want to take part in this special event.
We need volunteers for these roles:
Readers to read Scripture in Spanish and English
Musicians (guitar, soloists, singers for a choir, etc)
A couple volunteers to read / lead the prayers
Greeters to give out bulletins and roses at the door
People to bring friends to this special event
Please let us know if you’re interested in being involved! Please forward this message to invite your friends. We’ll host one rehearsal when we will assign roles to everyone who wants to help. Questions? Please contact Pastor John at schwehn@augsburg.edu or Sarah Degner Riveros at riveross@augsburg.edu.