Tamarah Gehlen for Next EDTalk

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Prior to the next Faculty Meeting on January 23rd, Tamarah Gehlen will speak on Trauma & Learning Styles in the Classroom. Attendees will learn simple ways to implement trauma-informed practices into their classrooms and teaching styles in order to enhance connection and learning for the students that they serve.

EDTalks take place from 3:20-3:35 pm on Faculty Meeting Dates. Plan to grab your coffee and head to HC 151 to listen and learn. Find out more about the EDTalks and other upcoming events on the CTL website.

Zoom: https://augsburg.zoom.us/j/933677248?status=success
Meeting ID 933-677-248

Wednesday, January 23rd | EDTalk with Tamarah Gehlen | 3:20-3:35 pm, HC 151