Never guess on punctuation, grammar, or spelling again—introducing the Editorial Style Guide

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OK, o.k., or okay?
And, &, or +?

Those may seem like small differences, but what about others like:
–How do we abbreviate academic degrees?
–Where are commas, colons, and exclamation points appropriate?
–What’s an en dash and an em dash, and how are those used differently than hyphens?
–What terms do we use instead of “freshman,” “chairman,” and “very”?

The marketing department created the Augsburg University and Luther Seminary Editorial Style Guide so you don’t have to guess about spelling, grammar, punctuation, and common terms used around the university. Because Augsburg and Luther marketing and communication staff work together through a shared services agreement, this style guide is designed for use at both institutions.

Especially if you write to students, alumni, donors, or other external audiences on behalf of Augsburg, the style guide is an essential tool to polish your message.

Bookmark the marketing webpage for convenient access to the style guide.