2 weeks, 8 credits – study in the Netherlands in May

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A handful of spaces are still available on the summer study abroad program

May 18- June 2, 2019

Take two courses for a total of 8 credits. Choose one ART and one HIS course:
+ HIS 195 Topics: Innovation in the Netherlands, fulfills Humanities requirement, OR
+ HIS 440 Topics: Innovation in the Netherlands,

+ART 133 – Introduction to Digital Photography, fulfills Fine Arts requirement, OR
+ART 333 – Advanced Digital Photography​​
This program also fulfills the Augsburg Experience requirement

This program will introduce students to one of the most innovative countries in the world — the Netherlands – through the prism of history and photography. Despite its small size, the Netherlands is producing ground-breaking approaches to transportation, water management, food & agriculture, and social policies on sex & drugs. In the digital photography class, we will explore the Netherlands, and more specifically Amsterdam, through a viewfinder. As we develop our photographic skills, we will ask such questions as: How do we approach taking photographs of one of the most explored cities in the world? In what ways can historical knowledge enlarge our perspective? How will we apply our own point of view to this exploration?

Program Cost: $5,499
Includes tuition, airfare, hotel, meals, and all program activities and excursions in the Netherlands.

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