Augsburg Wellbeing: Water you Drinking?

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Auggies: Join the Water you Drinking Challenge!

This 4 week online challenge is designed to help you feel better, look younger and have more energy. On top of that, by drinking enough water you can support your body in naturally maintaining or losing weight.


-Challenge Dates: February 4 – March 1, 2019 (4 weeks)

-Challenge GOAL: To be more intentional about drinking water – ideally 8 glasses or more, depending on your body. The focus will also be to reduce the consumption of sugary beverages

– We recognize that 8 glasses might be 7 glasses more than some are already drinking, so encourage smart water consumption throughout the challenge. That means listening to your body and, ideally, consuming more than you did previously.

-Each week of the challenge you will be asked to tally your total glasses of water consumed and complete a short check-in. Completion of check-ins will verify your participation in the challenge

Interested participants: Register at link below! The deadline to register is Thursday, January 31. On February 1st, you will receive your program packet via email along with a tracking log for you to keep up with the challenge. Each week, you will receive an email from NFP, our benefit’s broker and the challenge administrator, providing education and inspiration.

Don’t miss out on this exciting challenge that can help you jump-start your year with energy!

Water Challenge Registration