Building Access Issues and Facilities Updates

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Some people with current access to campus buildings have had some difficulty getting in because of a problem with card access servers. DPS is working with IT and Augsburg’s vendor to resolve the issues. If you are a critical employee or resident student with access to a campus building and you can’t get in, contact DPS at 612-330-1717 for assistance.

Augsburg is currently functioning under a modified operations plan. Fob access has been turned off except those who have critical work on campus and resident students living on campus. Those who have access are asked to maintain social distancing. Go only where you need to go and only stay on campus to complete your critical tasks. Do not linger on campus. No guests are allowed. Augsburg is trying to minimize people gathering and help custodians focus on cleaning and disinfecting student residential spaces.
Critical employees who are entering a space that’s been marked cleaned and disinfected, please take the sign down and put in a work order to have it cleaned and disinfected. If you plan to work multiple days in a row, please wait until your last visit to make a work order.

Augsburg has cloth masks in stock for critical staff and faculty and resident students. Contact Bryan Massich to receive one. All staff, faculty and students MUST wear cloth face masks while in any common areas while on Augsburg property, based on Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for higher education. Resident students must wear them while out of their residence hall living spaces. Wearing cloth masks does not replace the need to adhere to frequent hand washing, avoid touching the face, and practicing social distancing, our best tools to help prevent the spread of illness.