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Register for Globally Focused Online Courses this Summer

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We are living through a very uncertain time, but The Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) remains committed to connecting Auggies to the world through the channels that are still available to us. This summer, you can take online courses in Spanish, Political Science, Religion, History, or Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies with Augsburg CGEE’s instructors in Mexico or Central America.

To access these courses, simply look in Records and Registration under Summer 2020 term and the departments listed below. There is a huge variety, including some specialized courses for upper-level learners! Register for the class as usual.

Courses are offered in both Summer Time 1 (T1) & Time 2 (T2) unless otherwise noted.

WST 481 Queer History in Latin America (T2)

HIS 156: The Crisis in Nicaragua: U.S. Destabilization or a Democratic Movement? (T2)
HIS 388: Queer History in Latin America (T2)

POL 310: Citizen Participation in a Globalized Economy (T1)

RLN 336: Latin American Liberation Theologies (T1)

SPA 111: Beginning Spanish I (T1)
SPA 112: Beginning Spanish II (T2)
SPA 218: Spanish for Healthcare Providers
SPA 220: Business Spanish
SPA 224: Spanish for Ministry
SPA 225/325: Spanish for Heritage Speakers I and II
SPA 316: Conversations in Cultural Context
SPA 334: Contemporary Mexican Literature
SPA 335: Contemporary Latin American Women: Texts and Voices
SPA 337: Mexican Civilizations and Cultures

See summer online courses in Records & Registration

General Announcements

The Study Abroad and Away Office is open for virtual appointments

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The Center for Global Education and Experience (Study Abroad & Away) is operating remotely and we have appointments available via Zoom. Our staff and peer advisors are here to support you as you plan ahead for the future!

Semester and short-term programs in the US and internationally are available for fall semester and beyond. Short-term courses for spring break and summer 2021 have destinations in the following locations: Guatemala, New York City, Minnesota Tribal Lands, Cuba, Germany, and Italy.

Our advisors are here to help every Auggie – whether you’re just getting started with Study Abroad & Away, or you already have a program chosen. Schedule an appointment here:

You can also send us an email:, or stop by our website, below.

Learn more about Study Abroad and Away

Campus Box Closing/Forwarding

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Two weeks after the spring semester ends (May 15th) we will be closing all student campus boxes. Before fall semester starts we will be reassigning them to all students living on campus, and commuter students can then request to have a campus box if they have a need of one.

If you would like your mail forwarded or would like to keep your mailbox open for the summer please either fill out this survey ( or send us an email with any relevant information. (There is also an option to be reassigned your current box for the next semester if you will be returning in the fall)

We only forward 1st Class USPS mail and packages. Other packages (UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc), magazines, non-profit mail and standard mail will not be forwarded. We can only forward to US addresses. The forwarding period is 2 months from when the request is submitted after which any additional mail we receive will be returned to sender.

We ask that you contact the people/business sending you mail and correcting it to your permanent address. Also enrolling in online/electronic billing is both environmentally friendly and will save you time (and sometimes money).

Augsburg Central Services

May Sarton Poem – After a Winter’s Silence

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Seeing all the plants pushing through the earth, the flowers opening, buds on the trees, birds
singing, and the color green painting the leaves everywhere… me hope and delight. I thought of a favorite poem to share with you. BE WELL. Nancy Guilbeault – CWC

After a Winter’s Silence

Along the terrace wall

Snowdrops have pushed through

hard ice, making a pool.

Delicate stems now show

White bells as though

The force, the thrust to flower

Were nothing at all.

Who gives them the power?

After a winter’s silence

I feel the shock of spring.

My breath warms like the sun,

Melts ice, bursts into song,

So when that inner one

Gives life back the power

To rise up and push through,

There’s nothing to it.

We simply have to do it,

As snowdrops know

When snowdrops flower.

by May Sarton

Event Announcements

You’re Invited: Meet your summer Spanish language instructors from Mexico

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CGEE and the Spanish department invite all students to a virtual “Meet and Greet” with our Spanish language instructors from Mexico. Since we cannot meet in person for class this summer, we are happy to bring the instructors to you virtually! Get to know your instructors in this engaging Zoom session between Cuernavaca and Minneapolis. The meet and greet will be facilitated by Dr. Sarah Degner Riveros. All levels and abilities of Spanish language are encouraged to join! We will have translations from English to Spanish where needed.

Registering for CGEE’s online experiential learning courses this summer will engage students with local communities from our global locations. Learn Spanish language from native speakers, and learn more about Augsburg’s long-time community partners in Cuernavaca!

We hope you will join us on Wednesday, May 6th at 3:00 p.m. for this meet and greet on Zoom.

Zoom Link for the Event

Keeping Track of Auggies

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