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Public Safety and Facilities Announcements

Augsburg Under Modified Operations Plan Until Further Notice

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Augsburg is complying with Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s Stay Home executive order and is working under a modified operations plan until further notice.

Students have been asked to move out of the residence halls, unless granted exceptions, and their fob access has been turned off to all campus buildings except their residence hall.

Employees (including faculty, staff, and student workers) whose roles are deemed critical to university operations will retain access to campus buildings for work purposes.

No guests are permitted in campus buildings, including family and friends, except if involved in a prearranged move out of a residence hall.

All staff, faculty and students must wear cloth face masks while in any common areas while on Augsburg property, based on Minnesota Department of Health guidelines updated in April.

Building Access Issues and Facilities Updates

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Some people with current access to campus buildings have had some difficulty getting in because of a problem with card access servers. DPS is working with IT and Augsburg’s vendor to resolve the issues. If you are a critical employee or resident student with access to a campus building and you can’t get in, contact DPS at 612-330-1717 for assistance.

Augsburg is currently functioning under a modified operations plan. Fob access has been turned off except those who have critical work on campus and resident students living on campus. Those who have access are asked to maintain social distancing. Go only where you need to go and only stay on campus to complete your critical tasks. Do not linger on campus. No guests are allowed. Augsburg is trying to minimize people gathering and help custodians focus on cleaning and disinfecting student residential spaces.
Critical employees who are entering a space that’s been marked cleaned and disinfected, please take the sign down and put in a work order to have it cleaned and disinfected. If you plan to work multiple days in a row, please wait until your last visit to make a work order.

Augsburg has cloth masks in stock for critical staff and faculty and resident students. Contact Bryan Massich to receive one. All staff, faculty and students MUST wear cloth face masks while in any common areas while on Augsburg property, based on Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for higher education. Resident students must wear them while out of their residence hall living spaces. Wearing cloth masks does not replace the need to adhere to frequent hand washing, avoid touching the face, and practicing social distancing, our best tools to help prevent the spread of illness.

Teaching and Learning

Workplace 2020: An Intersection of Diversity and Politics

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When: May 21, 2020 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CST
Level: Intermediate
Track: Social Responsibility
Presenters: Malii Carolyn, EngageBetween | Tatyana Fertelmeyster, Connecting Differences, LLC
Cost: Free

Sharpen your skills at addressing diversity-related issues in a climate saturated by the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign. As Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leaders, get in front of an unprecedented political atmosphere that filters through our workplaces and creates heightened sensitivity to identity-related trigger points.

This webinar will explore nuanced perspectives and complexities of addressing diversity-related “hot buttons” and consider ways for turning them into teachable moments.

Learning Outcomes
-Identify practical and relevant steps to navigate the intersection between diversity and politics in the workplace
-Apply concepts of intent and impact within the 2020 U.S. presidential race and other real-world contexts
-Clarify the role of DEI practitioners in engaging identity politics

Inclusive Leadership in a Virtual World – A Forum Special Presentation

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When: May 7, 2020 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CST
Presenter: Stephen Frost, Frost Included

The coronavirus pandemic is a tragedy, but the potential silver lining is that we are living through a time of forced innovation. The leadership behaviors we exhibit will impact the performance of ourselves, our teams, our organizations like never before.

Frost Included CEO Stephen Frost will explore inclusive leadership in this context, learn five key skills essential to survive and thrive in this climate, and leave refreshed and inspired to do the work that will make the most difference.

Learning Outcomes
Refresh inclusive leadership core skills tailored to the current climate
Explore what forced innovation means to you, your team and your organization
Take away 5 key skills you can immediately deploy

General Announcements

Campus Box Closing/Forwarding

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Two weeks after the spring semester ends (May 15th) we will be closing all student campus boxes. Before fall semester starts we will be reassigning them to all students living on campus, and commuter students can then request to have a campus box if they have a need of one.

If you would like your mail forwarded or would like to keep your mailbox open for the summer please either fill out this survey ( or send us an email with any relevant information. (There is also an option to be reassigned your current box for the next semester if you will be returning in the fall)

We only forward 1st Class USPS mail and packages. Other packages (UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc), magazines, non-profit mail and standard mail will not be forwarded. We can only forward to US addresses. The forwarding period is 2 months from when the request is submitted after which any additional mail we receive will be returned to sender.

We ask that you contact the people/business sending you mail and correcting it to your permanent address. Also enrolling in online/electronic billing is both environmentally friendly and will save you time (and sometimes money).

Augsburg Central Services

Timesheet Deadline: TODAY for 5/8 Pay Day

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All timesheets must be submitted online before 2 PM TODAY, Monday, May 4. The system will be LOCKED at 2PM.
-If Staff or student employees need to adjust their timesheets after the system is locked, the supervisor should reject rather than approve the timesheet.

Tuesday May 5 – 10:00 AM– Supervisor approval deadline
-Supervisors MUST have all timesheets approved by 10 AM.

Please contact for any questions regarding payroll, timesheets, withholding or direct deposit forms. Thank you!

Register for Globally Focused Online Courses this Summer

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Stay connected to the world this summer–take online courses in Spanish, Political Science, Religion, History, or Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies with Augsburg CGEE’s instructors in Mexico or Central America.

To access these courses, simply look in Records and Registration under Summer 2020 term and the departments listed below. There is a huge variety, including some specialized courses for upper-level learners! Register for the class as usual.

Courses are offered in both Summer Time 1 (T1) & Time 2 (T2) unless otherwise noted.

WST 481 Queer History in Latin America (T2)

HIS 156: The Crisis in Nicaragua: U.S. Destabilization or a Democratic Movement? (T2)
HIS 388: Queer History in Latin America (T2)

POL 310: Citizen Participation in a Globalized Economy (T1)

RLN 336: Latin American Liberation Theologies (T1)

SPA 111: Beginning Spanish I (T1)
SPA 112: Beginning Spanish II (T2)
SPA 218: Spanish for Healthcare Providers
SPA 220: Business Spanish
SPA 224: Spanish for Ministry
SPA 225/325: Spanish for Heritage Speakers I and II
SPA 316: Conversations in Cultural Context
SPA 334: Contemporary Mexican Literature
SPA 335: Contemporary Latin American Women: Texts and Voices
SPA 337: Mexican Civilizations and Cultures

See summer online courses in Records & Registration

Spring Break and Summer 2021 – Study Abroad and Away Courses are waiting for you

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Check out the short-term study abroad programs coming up for Spring Break and Summer 2021. Now is a great time to plan ahead! ALL programs fulfill your AUGSBURG EXPERIENCE requirement, as well as other classes!

Check out the options in these great locations:

Roots to Rap: Islam in America – spring break
HIS 195 (Humanities)

Faith, Vocation, and Social Change – spring break
RLN 409 (Search for Meaning II) or RLN 480 (Keystone for some majors)

Dakota and Ojibwe Spaces of Environmental Activism & Sovereignty – Spring Time 2
AIS 305 (elective) or ANT 295 (elective)

Community, Arts, and Culture in Cuba – Summer
THR 295 (Fine Arts)

Science and Religion in Germany – Summer
REL 205 (Search for Meaning II) and/or CHM 102 (Lab Science) or SCI 490 (Keystone for Science majors)

Sustainability and Food Justice in Italy & the US – Summer
HIS 170 (Humanities) or HIS 440 (elective)

Get more information about these short term programs

Faculty and staff, share a celebratory video for the Class of 2020

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Alumni, faculty and staff,

We’d like to encourage you or your department to record and share a video congratulating the Class of 2020 for finishing the academic year strong and to celebrate their accomplishments. Please use the hashtag #GoAuggies and tag Augsburg so we share these via Augsburg’s social media channels and feature them on Inside Augsburg as we approach commencement day. There isn’t a specific deadline, just as long as it’s before commencement day.

They can be group videos like this example from the chemistry department:

or individual videos like this one from one of our regents:


Videos must be captioned for accessibility purposes.

Augsburg tags:
Facebook – Augsburg University
Twitter – @AugsburgU
Instagram – @AugsburgUniversity

See examples

Event Announcements

What Can I Do With My Social Sciences Major?

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Join UpTurnships & the Strommen Center on Tuesday, May 5 at noon for our next virtual Lunch & Learn session with speakers Marcus Winbush – United Health Group and Luciano Guzman, U of M Admission to chat about what you can do with your Social Sciences major. There are so many options and career paths for social sciences majors, hear what our two speakers did with theirs, ask questions, and get advice.

Register for the event in Handshake!

Keeping Track of Auggies

Third Fulbright Winner

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URGO is proud to announce that Abdul Sharif (2000 Political Science and TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge Participant) has been named a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to Malaysia. Abdul has won many national awards, including the Gilman Scholarship (by working with Study Abroad and Study Away staff), Boren Scholarship to study Swahili in Florida and Tanzania, the Public Policy and International Affairs Scholarship to study last summer at Princeton and the Critical Language Scholarship, which he declined to take the Boren. He also spent a semester in Namibia through CGEE.

He’s been active on and off campus, including being involved in student government, the Pan-African student union, West Bank College Bound, Capitol Pathways and Politics and Law and Society.

Abdul, through words, actions, coursework and professional goals, expresses a genuine interest in learning about the world. He’s attracted to Malaysia because it’s a Muslim majority country, with a strong Hindi contingent and other interfaith communities. He wants to further explore the Muslim diaspora in Asia that he found in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town. Previous teaching and tutoring experiences in the U.S. and Tanzania demonstrate his commitment to assisting others with language learning. A refugee from Kenya, who speaks multiple languages, Abdul understands the challenges and rewards of learning a second language and is driven to provide his Malaysian students with skills to be change agents in their communities. The ETA fits with his goals of working with the Foreign Service.

Congratulations to Abdul!

Fourth Fulbright Winner

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URGO is pleased to announce that Eh Soe Dwe (2000 Clinical Psychology) has been named a Fulbright Teaching Assistant to Malaysia. Eh Soe is an Act Six Scholar, Christensen Scholar and Interfaith Scholar. She has been V.P. of ASA, an AugSEM leader, Karen interpreter, Personal Care Assistant, Volunteer tutor of English for immigrants at Open Door Learning, a member of Psi chi Psychology Honor Society, has studied abroad in Guatemala, the U.K. and Slovenia through CGEE. She also painted a public mural.

Eh Soe’s connection to Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, goes deeper than ancestry, extending to her sense of artistry and mission to serve adolescents across cultural boundaries. Her empathy and generosity of spirit will serve her as an ETA and in a career in youth counseling for the diasporic Karen community; she plans to return to SE Asia to work on mental health accessibility. She has taught ESL to recent immigrants to the US and told us that, because so many of her students come to the US to learn, she feels it is her turn to contribute abroad, adding to her many experiences overseas. Her experience as an Interfaith Scholar will help her navigate the diversity of faiths that she will encounter in Malaysia. She will be an excellent teacher: patient, centered and intentional.

Congratulations and we wish you the best!


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