Fourth Fulbright Winner

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URGO is pleased to announce that Eh Soe Dwe (2000 Clinical Psychology) has been named a Fulbright Teaching Assistant to Malaysia. Eh Soe is an Act Six Scholar, Christensen Scholar and Interfaith Scholar. She has been V.P. of ASA, an AugSEM leader, Karen interpreter, Personal Care Assistant, Volunteer tutor of English for immigrants at Open Door Learning, a member of Psi chi Psychology Honor Society, has studied abroad in Guatemala, the U.K. and Slovenia through CGEE. She also painted a public mural.

Eh Soe’s connection to Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, goes deeper than ancestry, extending to her sense of artistry and mission to serve adolescents across cultural boundaries. Her empathy and generosity of spirit will serve her as an ETA and in a career in youth counseling for the diasporic Karen community; she plans to return to SE Asia to work on mental health accessibility. She has taught ESL to recent immigrants to the US and told us that, because so many of her students come to the US to learn, she feels it is her turn to contribute abroad, adding to her many experiences overseas. Her experience as an Interfaith Scholar will help her navigate the diversity of faiths that she will encounter in Malaysia. She will be an excellent teacher: patient, centered and intentional.

Congratulations and we wish you the best!