Announcing 2020 McNair Summer Researchers

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The McNair Scholars Program helps students reach their graduate school goals by offering a unique research experience during their undergraduate degree. Participating students spend an average of 400 hours exploring their topics, developing a thesis, collecting and reviewing data, and preparing a formal presentation of their findings. Research provides the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship by working one-on-one with a faculty member; gaining extensive skills and knowledge in a discipline; exposure to methodological techniques; writing and public speaking practice by submitting papers to professional conferences and journals; and attaining strong letters of recommendation.

Salma Ahmed, Senior, Clinical Psychology
Dr. Ankita Deka

Nichelle Camden, Senior, Biochemistry
Dr. Benjamin Binder

Anahi Cantoran, Senior, Biology
Dr. Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright

Nou-Chee Chang, Junior, Secondary Education & Communication Arts
Dr. Adriane Brown

Joseph Gaskill, Senior, Anthropology & American Indian Studies
Dr. Matthew Sumera (Hamline University)

Jennifer Medina, Senior, Sociology
Dr. Diane Pike

Quinlan Nelson, Senior, Psychology & Sociology
Dr. Melissa Hensley

Melisa Robles Olivar, Senior, Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies
Dr. Adriane Brown

Falak Tawakalna, Junior, Biochemistry
Dr. Z. Vivian Feng

Please visit for a complete list of research descriptions.