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Do you have something to say in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd? Do you have questions about how we exist in the Twin Cities after the killings of Philando Castile, Jamar Clark, Brian Quinones, Terrance Franklin, Alfred Abuka Sanders, Cordale Handy, Phil Quinn, Tycel Nelson, Isak Aden, Fong Lee, and others? Do you have concerns about the United States after the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Freddie Gray, Botham Jean, and more?

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The Minneapolis Moment is a one-minute play project attempting to continue dialogue rooted in the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the resulting uprisings in a time of pandemic and divisive federal elections. We’ll borrow the model of the Every 28 Hours Plays to create, select, and perform one-minute plays over Zoom or other video media to share with the Augsburg and Minneapolis communities.

The Minneapolis Moment will engage student, staff, and faculty in order to perform selected one-minute plays from the Every 28 Hours Plays and to write and perform new one-minute plays based on experiences since the murder of George Floyd. The goal is to facilitate critical dialogue and reflection by providing multiple viewpoints and multiple experiences.

The design of the project allows participants to start working in December 2020 and continue into the spring semester of 2021 with three or four performances building on each other and able to be broadcast virtually to be in alignment with essential health measures to protect against the pandemic. The idea is to have three or four performances with several one-minute plays and then ultimately to collect and edit them into one larger video. Participants can be involved in only one writing and performance cycle or in them all—it will be up to them. All Augsburg students, staff, and faculty will be welcome to participate.

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