Take Queer Studies (WST 305): Spring 2021

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Introduction to Queer Studies (WST 305)
Spring 2021
Tu & Th 9:40-11:20am

In WST 305—the only Augsburg course devoted exclusively to queer studies—we will raise and address, though obviously not settle, these issues:

• How are sexual and gender norms constructed historically and culturally?

• How do sexual and gender norms, culturally and historically understood, affect LGBTQIA+, cisgender, and heterosexual people’s development and self-perceptions?

• How do past, recent, and developing definitions and theories of human sex, gender, and sexuality generated by LGBTQIA+ persons and communities present alternatives to dominant cisgender & heterosexual traditions?

We apply theories to current, historical, and cultural concerns. We will make use of virtual cultural, artistic, and speaker events related to our topic.

Though the course is designed for upper-level students, there are a variety of possible prerequisites that qualify students to participate with our permission. Please contact either Prof. Doug Green (green@augsburg.edu) or Prof. Mary Lowe (lowe@augsburg.edu) if you are interested in the course and/or have questions about it, especially regarding prerequisites.

We hope you’ll join us for Introduction to Queer Studies this Spring!