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Public Safety and Facilities Announcements

Facilities Updates: Locker Rooms and Light Bulbs

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In a fitting upgrade for the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the women’s locker room remodel in Si Melby Hall should be completed by the beginning of the academic year. The renovation includes much-needed improvements to the shower and toilet facilities, and each of Augsburg’s 12 women’s teams will have their own year-round team room going forward. The women’s locker room was constructed in 1979 in what was formerly a dirt-floor batting cage known as “the pit.” Prior to that time, the women’s teams used the men’s visiting team locker room. (Learn more and check out throwback images in Lindell Library’s women’s athletic archive:

On the sustainability front, the extensive project to install LED light bulbs and fixtures across campus is also nearing completion. These minor-seeming changes make a big difference. Along with upgrades to our HVAC equipment, improvements in energy efficiency mean that we will consume less electricity than we purchase from our solar partners going forward. We expect to receive annual refunds from Xcel Energy as a result. These anticipated refunds will not only cover the cost of the lighting and HVAC upgrades themselves—they’ll also pay for the new dome and turf on the athletic field.

Find more campus updates on the Facilities blog.

New Leadership Roles in Public Safety

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I am pleased to announce two new leadership roles in the Department of Public Safety.

First, Bob Harri joined Augsburg University this week as Director of Public Safety. Bob brings more than 25 years of experience in higher education and public sector safety. He has served as director of public safety at St. Catherine University and, most recently, at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Bob is committed to education, student engagement, and fostering a community of safety. He has taught safety and security in elementary school programs and college-level courses, and served for nearly a decade as an elected member of the public school board in Montrose, Minnesota. Bob has a bachelor’s degree from Moorhead State University and a master’s degree in criminal justice from Concordia University, St. Paul.

With Bob’s arrival, Tony Erchul has taken on a new position as Public Safety Policy and Training Manager. In this new role, Tony is responsible for public policy development for DPS as well as for the institution overall. He will organize and manage a professional training plan for all public safety staff, as well as assist in ensuring training related to work and personal safety, crime prevention, and emergency procedures for students, staff, and faculty across the university.

I am excited to have such strong public safety leadership in DPS and for the university overall. Please join me in welcoming Bob and congratulating Tony on his new role.

Teaching and Learning

Short Study Abroad/Away Courses for Next Year – Earn Credit Off Campus

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Short-term study abroad & away in Spring or Summer 2023 is a great way to earn credits and get off-campus! All programs fulfill the Augsburg Experience requirement:

• Spring Break travel to Los Angeles, CA
• WST 220: Topics: Race, Gender and Hollywood – fulfills a Humanities requirement

• Spring break travel to Guatemala
• Course: RLN 409 (fulfills Search for Meaning II) or RLN 480 – Keystone credit for some majors

• travel in May 17-31, 2023
• 2 courses. ENL + SOC/URB :
•ENL 280: Genres: Speculative Fictions (4 credits), Humanities LAF
•SOC/URB 111: City Life: Intro to Urban Sociology (4 credits), SBS LAF
•SOC/URB 295: Living Green in Amsterdam (4 credits), elective

•Summer 2023 Term 1, travel in Greater Minnesota (location TBD)
•Choose 1 course, with optional INS add on:
•SOC 495 – Sociology topics elective
•THR 295 -Topics in Theater – LAF Fine Arts
•INS 292 – 2 credits – optional

• Travel in May/June 2023
•Choose 1 science course and/or the religion course:
•CHM 102 with Lab: fulfills Science w/ Lab (does not count toward Chm major or minor)
•SCI 490: Integrated Science Keystone Integrated Science
•RLN 205: Topics in Religion – may fulfill Search for Meaning II or Humanities LAF


• Travel in May 2023
•Choose 1 course:
•ECO 315: Money and Banking
•BUS 362: International Business

• Spanish language courses: beginner to advanced levels, as well as specialty courses in Medical Spanish and Spanish for Ministry
• 4 study sessions in summer – choose the one (or more!) that works for you!

Got questions? Get in touch:

Check out all the program offerings here

General Announcements

EAP Lunch and Learn (Virtual Session) – Help Starts Here

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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a no-cost benefit available to you, your dependents or member of your household. Through the EAP, you can connect with licensed well-being, legal, financial and other professionals. Everything you do with the EAP is 100% confidential.

Attend this HealthPartners EAP information session to learn more.
Live Q&A will follow immediately after the session.

o When: Thursday, July 21 Virtual Session, 12:00 – 1:00 PM

o Link:

For questions, contact Human Resources at

HealthPartners EAP Lunch and Learn

Event Announcements

Today – Garden Workshop on Bugs, 12-1PM

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Come join the Environmental Stewardship Team and Augsburg Community Gardeners today from 12-1pm to learn about Integrated Pest Management. That’s farmer lingo for how to entice helping bugs to your garden and convince bugs that eat your veggies to go elsewhere for their meal.

This event is part of our weekly garden time every Tuesday this summer from 12-1PM. During this hour, you can learn about the garden, meet gardeners and ESC student interns, volunteer on garden projects, and enjoy some time outside with the greater Augsburg Community! No garden expertise and experience necessary!

Email Monica McDaniel with any questions

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