McNair Scholar Research Presentations – TODAY

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One component of the TRIO McNair Scholars Program is a 10-week summer research project. Each year students work with a faculty mentor on a specific topic, culminating in a final paper and presentation. Next week students will present their research at the 2022 National McNair Conference at UCLA. If you would like the opportunity to see these presentations at Augsburg, please join us on Thursday, July 21, from 9:00am to 2:00pm in Hagfors 150. This event is open to all students, faculty and staff (masks will be required).

Note: Individual presentations are 12 minutes long. There will be time at the end of each group for questions and evaluations.

For a full list of research titles, please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Group 1 (SSHA): 9:00 – 10:00

Aaliyah Abdi, Clinical Psychology
Dr. Alex Ajayi

Roseline Ameyaw, Clinical Psychology
Dr. Alex Ajayi

Zuani Ventura, Clinical Psychology
Drs. Alex Ajayi & Evren Guler

Group 2 (NSMSCS): 10:10 – 11:05

Edwin Panora, Physics
Dr. Moumita Dasgupta

Kong Yang, Physics
Dr. Moumita Dasgupta

Xeng Yang, Computer Science
Dr. John Zobitz

Group 3 (SSHA): 11:15 – 12:10

Madison Blevins, Biopsychology
Dr. Ben Denkinger

Natalia Castillo, Psychology
Dr. Ben Denkinger

Stephanie Gomez Olmedo, Biopsychology
Dr. Ben Denkinger

Group 4 (SSHA): 12:20 – 1:15

Anaiya Martin, Political Science
Dr. Sarah Combellick-Bidney

Shelley Pacheco, Sociology
Dr. Nancy Fischer

Jose Ramirez Martin, Sociology
Dr. Nancy Fischer

Group 5 (SSHA): 1:20 – 2:00

Debi Bayisa, Social Work
Dr. Melissa Hensley

Ingri Ramirez Martin, Sociology
Dr. Melissa Hensley

McNair Research Presentations