Environmental Action Committee

submitted by millerk4@augsburg.edu

The ADSG Environmental Action Committee would like to let you all know of several areas of environmental action that are happening within the local twin cities and nationally.

Within Minneapolis, protesters have been advocating against the demolition of the Roof Depot in the East Phillips neighborhood for the last few weeks. As of February 24, a Hennepin County judge ruled that Minneapolis may not proceed with the planned demolition day (MPR: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2023/02/24/roof-depot-demolition-halted-for-now). Although there has been a temporary ruling (2 weeks) many Minneapolis public works and pollution advisors continue to push for the project. With this in mind if you are able EAC advocates for all students and Minneapolis community members to step up and unite to fight for what is best for the people of East Phillips and the Minneapolis environment.


Another major environmental update is at the federal level, The Willow Project. Although this is not something local to Minnesota your voice can be heard. The Willow Project is “… the single largest oil extraction project proposed on federal lands, estimated to add more than 250 million metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere over the next 30 years — equivalent to the emissions from 66 coal-fired power plants (roughly 1/3 of all U.S. coal plants) or from 56 million vehicles over an entire year.”



The Willow Project is a project that goes against promises to decrease oil drilling on federal land. This project was proposed previously but is being voted on in possible days so there is no time to waste on advocating. https://www.doi.gov/contact-us

Change.org petition: Stop the Willow Project