Community Garden Winter Reflections from Gardener Ed

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As our Minnesota winter drags on expectedly, many of us are impatiently awaiting spring and warmer weather. As the days get longer, I know garden season is approaching, but the season always arrives unexpectedly even if I have been anticipating green shoots and the smell of fresh soil for months.

This week, Augsburg community gardener, Edward Sheehy, was also feeling the anticipation of spring so he took a visit to the garden plot he stewards on campus. He shared these words and image with me and has given his blessing for me to pass them along to the broader Augsburg community. I hope they give you pause, like they did for me, with a reminder to slow down, take in your surroundings, and live in the moment, even when that moment is still covered in snow. Good things are happening. This is what I love about the community created around the garden; gardeners share so much of themselves with us and one another. Enjoy.

Augsburg University garden on this day of March 6, 2023
by Edward Sheehy, Augsburg Community Gardener

sage and tarragon poke up their heads

while the arms of the giant cottonwood

reach out

to all who gather here

See Ed’s Cottonwood tree picture here